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Let’s Talk About Clean Beauty & How You Can Support Trust Worthy Brands

Nowadays, it’s easy to peel back a label and look at the ingredients of your favorite beauty product. Naturally, you want to make sure what you're putting on your body is, in fact, safe and nontoxic. But there’s something else you need to think about too… What you purchase has the potential to also affect our planet. From the packaging materials to the sourcing of ingredients, all these things make up whether a product will be good or harmful.

If you’re curious about clean beauty and want to understand how you can support yourself and the planet through meaningful products then keep reading...

What Is Clean Beauty & Why It Matters

Clean beauty in simple terms is any product that supports humanity and our planet. You would think that a mission like caring for the earth would be the highest priority. But profit and power drive many well-intentioned brands astray if they aren’t careful. Clean beauty is now more important than ever, especially with the current state of our planet. With issues like global warming and species extinction on the rise, the products you use daily can be a glimmer of hope for a more sustainable planet, if you choose to be more intentional with who you support.

As consumers, we need to advocate for brands that fight to keep issues like wildlife safe and landfills clean. Reflect on what is important to you and take action. We can’t afford to stay in the dark about what goes into the products we buy.

I want to encourage you to look into small businesses that focus on issues that matter to you. By taking a closer look at a brand's mission, you have the power to shape a future where resources are used with sustainability in mind and people are cared for in the most responsible way.

At the end of the day, a product's quality shouldn’t be the only reason you buy it. A product should make you feel empowered and inspired because of the mission you get to support. Think about it for a sec. You see 2 bottles of shampoo on sale in the beauty aisle but can’t decide which one to get. One of the bottles lists tons of hair benefits on the front, while the other bottle has a list of legitimate ingredients and donates 2% of its proceeds to the homeless in various countries. Naturally, you choose the second one! It's a win-win situation... You get what you need and support a good cause, all in one!

What Should I Look For In Clean Beauty Products?

It's up to us to do the research on products. While words like “Organic” and “Eco Friendly” can be helpful, pay attention to the brand’s mission and the ingredients that the product contains. A lot of times you’ll be able to tell right away if the labels seem gimmicky. Many clean beauty products will have certifications like USDA, EWG, and Made Safe. Also, remember that brands are only one google away! You can look up a company and get a good idea of what they’re all about on their website and social media platforms.

You can also check your local vendors to see what options are available. Chances are there are some pretty cool small businesses near you that provide a bunch of products that are clean and sustainable. Usually these options are more accessible and affordable too.

If you're into “do it yourself” projects, sometimes all you need to do is mix a few things together and you've got yourself a homemade deodorant! We have so much information available to us that it's easy to DIY things. Look up blogs, Youtube videos, Pinterest boards, and search for DIY projects online. Think about the different items you would be interested in making from home and go from there. Some people enjoy making their own face masks, so it’s really up to you to get creative with it!

On the flip side, if you are looking to purchase products, I share some additional resources below that will help you dive a little deeper to find trustworthy brands.

Check Out These Clean Beauty Resources

The Detox Me App: This app is great for providing you with guidelines and tips on how to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. You can even scan the barcodes on items to receive helpful tips on how to protect yourself.

The EWG Healthy Living App: This app provides you with a large database of info on ingredients from products that range from personal care to food and household products.

CosmEthics: This app is another gem that has a database of product submissions from various manufacturers, users, and retailers. If you have allergies/sensitivities, this is a great place to start to find products that you can feel confident using.

The Detox Market: This market is a cool resource for finding curated products that are ethical and sustainable. Less than 2% of products that are submitted get approved in this market, so its a legitimate source to check in on every now and then.

Code Check: This is a shopping assistant app for all your purchase needs. Simply snap a picture of the barcode and learn about the latest research findings, recommendations, and ratings of the product.

When all is said and done, remember that clean beauty should never feel like an intimidating process of trying to find the “perfect” product. Instead, you get to decide whats best for you based on your personal preferences and the values you stand for. Always choose what feels right for you and your lifestyle.

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