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5 Sustainable Practices You Can Implement In The Workplace

As a small business, you can easily commit to incorporating sustainable practices in the workplace when you introduce ideas that are creative and simple for a team to follow along with. Being a sustainable business isn’t about having a master plan or getting every little thing right. You can start by building easy, achievable habits.

Below I share a few different practices you can add that will be simple enough for anyone to follow. Before you know it the whole team will be living sustainably regardless of where they are. In or out of the workplace!

Donate Regularly

Every business at some point in time will have things it needs to get rid of. Whether that be office supplies you ordered in bulk or extra snacks that have been left behind, donations make up a meaningful part of being a sustainable business. Find a way to get rid of good items you don’t need. Being willing to share the extra of what you have means a lot when it can go into the hands of the right people.

You can also consider setting aside certain times in the year to donate a percentage of earnings to a designated cause based on sales. This can be a good idea for a food or

product-based business and customers love

giving when it’s backed up with a good purpose.

Introduce Remote Work Days

With more companies going remote now than ever, it never hurt to test the waters and have a remote workday once a month or every now and then. This sustainable practice has a wealth of benefits ranging from saving gas and cutting back on carbon emissions to making room for families and friends to spend extra time living in the moment at home. Having systems set up to communicate effectively on a remote basis can also prepare a business for times where it may be necessary to work from home. In the long run, having a few remote work days is still a good step to consider taking.

Use Sustainable Cleaning Supplies

You may be thinking that cleaning supplies are trivial when it comes to sustainability. But it actually makes such an impact if you use the right products. A few great brands include:

Choosing to use greener products to keep your office spaces clean gives other sustainable businesses the support they deserve and saves the planet in the process.

You can also look into finding local cleaning businesses that offer cleaning services. This makes it easier on everyone and you don't have to worry about whether or not they will use products that are safe for the environment. Also keep in mind that you can always choose to DIY your cleaning products by using natural ingredients like essential oils, water, vinegar, baking soda, etc.

Add Plants To Your Work Space

Besides the fact that plants are beautiful and can make any hectic office space more relaxing and stress-free, plants are also an affordable way to keep the air we live in clean by removing carbon dioxide. By adding a few corner trees and sprucing up the lobby with a few colorful flowers, you’re making the planet a healthier place.

Reward Sustainable Habits

Rewarding your staff can help encourage habits that are beneficial long term. Incentives could be as simple as a gift card to a local coffee shop or honoring them on an employee of the month board. You could even give them the chance to decide where the next volunteering opportunity should be held.

Be open-minded about what matters to everyone on the team and try to center incentives around what makes everyone light up.

As you gain more experience to incorporate these practices, the team will be able to add to this list and get even more creative with it.

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