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Why Did I Start b. ?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself that cliche question?

“If you knew this was your last day on Earth, is this how you would want to spend it?”

I did, and while I have enjoyed my life immensely, the answer to this specific question was

always the same: Nope.

My Origin Story

I started my career in Latin American media. From there, I transitioned into working in corporate

social responsibility for the U.S. market, where the focus on community work inspired me.

Then COVID happened. I was laid off, much like many individuals out there, and as a result, it

marked the end of my life in the corporate world.

But like it is often said, every ending is an opportunity for a new and improved beginning.

The internal politics of the corporate world were never my thing. It was always a personal

struggle to navigate those oftentimes “shady” waters. So, I set out to finally depart from the

corporate world and try out an independent career.

Discovering Myself and the World

My strengths lie in the empathy behind qualitative research and interpersonal relationships; so, I set out to discover ways to meet the real needs of those we aim to serve.

This current career change reframed my life—and for the better!

It led me to fulfill my second lifelong dream; to travel the world slowly and spontaneously as a nomad - or using the term I prefer, “Vagabond”: a person on a trip of indeterminate destination and/or length of time". Spontaneous being a brand-new & exhilarating concept for me.

So, I began with a 6-month trip to Colombia, my roots, traveling around the country to places

from my youth, and other locations off the beaten track that I have had yet to experience. I wanted to rediscover where I come from with a different mindset, it seemed like a good start.

It’s been my lifelong dream to be a consultant while traveling the world. I wasn’t always

convinced that it was possible, it felt at times like a daunting dream. But within just months of

losing what had become a stagnant and unfulfilling job, I am already building this traveler lifestyle and have been growing my career in ways that are both meaningful and empowering.

My Passion

My main goal is to help disadvantaged youth not only achieve success but help them define

what “success” means to them. That may seem simple but it could not be farther from the

truth. Success doesn’t always fit a linear scenario and I aim to help them envision what success

looks like to them.

Why am I so passionate about catering to the needs of a younger generation? Because it’s

personal and I can relate. I understand first-hand the systems of privilege and I recognize the

long-term impact of this disadvantage.

This fuels me.

The solution … Embedding it along the way with my pursuits.

Life has taught me many skills and lessons. Perhaps the most essential of them all is preparing

me to become solution-oriented. I have never felt that I had the luxury of just sitting by and

dwelling on things, I had to always move forward.

It’s become immersed into my philosophy that sometimes in life, it’s best to take a leap of faith

and experiment along the way.

And with that, this blog is born…. An exciting opportunity for me to explore, iterate and share with


Launching b.

Now, you’re probably wondering, why name this initiative “b.” What could that possibly mean?

Well, it’s in the name!

To put it simply, it means just BE.” "BE ... period." Be what, you say?

Be passionate. Be active. Be present. Be a person that takes a stand. But most importantly, BE


It’s my firm belief that we all came to this life to do something—to be someone—however, big or

small. It’s simply our duty to act on it and be that someone.

So here I am on a new adventure BEING courageous, impulsive, spontaneous, and living

deeply. Oh, and my daughter has joined me on this endeavor, only amplifying the benefits of this


And by the way, remember that question I often asked myself?

Well, the answer is now a resounding YES!

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